Dynamics and evolution of Earth’s coupled core-mantle system

core-mantle system
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A Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by Chris Davies (Leeds), Andy Biggin (Liverpool) and Dario Alfe (UCL)
Email: c.davies@leeds.ac.uk

Interactions between Earth’s two great heat engines, the liquid core and silicate mantle, play a fundamental role in shaping the dynamics and evolution of our planet and produce potentially observable signatures that provide unique insight into the innermost workings of the core-mantle system. Recent advancements in observational (e.g. Swarm, USarray), experimental, theoretical and numerical techniques and capability are illuminating the core-mantle system in unprecedented detail and challenging established views. This specialist discussion will focus on the big unsolved questions in deep Earth research with particular emphasis on core-mantle interactions. Talks and posters will comprise a range of interdisciplinary topics related to this theme, including seismology, geodynamics, mineral physics, geochemistry and geo/paleomagnetism.

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The Royal Astronomical Society,Burlington House


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