Royal Astronomical Society - Funds

 You may wish to consider making a legacy in favour of the Society.

Research and Grants Funds

A G Stillhamer Trust Fund (1937)
To pay expenses of scientific research or to purchase definite scientific instruments for use in research studies.

E W Brown Trust Fund (1939)
For assistance in the calculations of accurate orbits of solar system bodies – the remainder for general purposes of the Society.

Plummer Bequest (1946)
At the disposal of Council for all purposes with a recommendation that it should consider the possibility from time to time of helping the Norman Lockyer Observatory.

Victor Nadarov Fund (1950)
To be devoted to the encouragement and promotion of the study of sunspots, and to be used how the Council wishes.

F A Paneth Meteorite Collection Trust (1960)
To support meteorite research.

Sir Norman Lockyer Memorial Trust (1990)
To fund a Research Fellowship.

Hosie Bequest (2000)
To fund research projects in astronomy.

Mrs J M Jelley-Freeman Bequest (2000)
No specific restrictions.

C A G Bearpark Trust (2000)
No specific restrictions.


Lee & Janson Trust Fund (1834/1879)
The interest to be given to the widow or orphan of a deceased Fellow.

Gerald Merton Fund (1986)
In cases of financial hardship the fund will assist fellows with a portion of their subscription, which should be discussed with the Treasurer to reach an agreed figure. Requests should be emailed to

Donald R Barber Fund (2001)
For the Benevolent Fund.


Turnor Fund and Horrocks Memorial Fund (1853/1876)
The income to be used in the purchase of books for the Library.

Harry Watson Memorial Fund (1923)
The income to be used for the purchase and binding of books.

Warin Bushell Fund (1964)
To be at the disposal of the Council for all purposes; expressed a preference for its use in the Society's Library.

Gaythorpe Bequest (1969)
The desire, without creating a binding trust ... for income to be applied to the purchase of rare books and to the maintenance of the Library.


Newbigen Fund (1990) 
Annual grant to Education Committee.

Michael Penston Memorial Fund (1991) 
Annual grant to Education Committee for a prize for a thesis.

Sir William Hunter McCrea Memorial Fund (2000)
For astronomical education at principally postgraduate level.


Hannah Jackson-Gwilt Trust Fund (1861/1893) 
To fund a bronze medal and gift.

George Darwin Lectureship Fund (1926) 
Annual Lectureship, preferably by a lecturer resident outside the UK.

A S Eddington Commemoration Fund (1948)
Institution of a gold medal.

Harold Jeffreys Lectureship Fund (1962)
For an annual lecture on some subject of geophysical interest to the Society.

Roger Tayler Memorial Fund (1998) 
To fund an annual lecture for five years.

A T Price Medal Fund (1999) 
Price Medal for geomagnetism and aeronomy.

Gerald Whitrow Memorial Lecture Fund (2001)
To fund a biennial lecture on the history of astronomy or cosmology.