Winton Award (A)

The Winton Award for early achievement in astronomy is for research by an individual in a UK institution whose career has shown the most promising development within five years of completing their PhD (including emerging areas). This Award is funded by the Investment House of that name in recognition of the skills provided to the financial services sector by trained astronomers and geophysicists.

The Winton prizes (each of £1,000) are for research by a Post Doctoral Fellow in a UK institution in astronomy whose career has shown the most promising development.

At the time of nomination candidates, in normal circumstances, should have completed their PhD (defined as passing the viva examination) no more than 5 years previously. This time limit will not restrict the award of the prize to an individual who has taken maternity or paternity leave, who has taken a career break, for example for family reasons, or who has followed another career path (e.g. was educated in a system outside the UK, came to scientific research as a mature individual etc.).


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To nominate

Nominations should be submitted by 31 July for the following year's awards, and include:

  • The online application form below
  • A full CV
  • A short list of key refereed publications (preferably with citation data. Ideally, this publication list should be extracted from the Astrophysics Data System)
  • Your nomination (minimum length 300 words, maximum length 600 words). This should address how the nominee fulfils the criteria of the Award, and also include the nominee's present career stage, the nominee's present post, and other awards and honours. Successful nominations argue a strong case for why the nominee deserves the award over and above one of their peers working in the same area. It is helpful if the nomination is phrased in such a way that extracts from it can be used in the formal recommendation of the Committee. In particular, you must ensure that you give an accurate viva date for the nominee, and if circumstances such as career breaks or maternity/paternity leave should be taken into account, this should be stated clearly in the nomination.
  • Additionally, please give details of two referees who will be contacted by email and asked to send supporting statements directly.

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