Gerald Whitrow Lectureship

The Gerald Whitrow Lecture is given every two years by a distinguished and eloquent speaker on any topic in cosmology, including its philosophy. The speaker may be based in the UK or overseas. The lecture is delivered at an Ordinary (A&G) Meeting of the RAS.

To nominate (next award is 2020 - nomination submissions will open in April 2019)

These lectures will be given in even-numbered years, so nominations should be made in odd-numbered years. Nominations should be submitted by 31 July for the following year's awards and should include:

  • The online nomination form below
  • A full CV
  • Your nomination (minimum length 300 words, maximum length 600 words). This should address how the nominee fulfils the criteria of the Award, and also include the nominee's present career stage, the nominee's present post, and other awards and honours. Successful nominations argue a strong case for why the nominee deserves the award over and above one of their peers working in the same area. It is helpful if the nomination is phrased in such a way that extracts from it can be used in the formal recommendation of the Committee. The nomination should include one or more suggestions for a topic on which the nominee could speak.

Additional supporting material may be requested if required.

The next time this award will be made is 2020. Therefore submissions will be accepted from April 2019.