Comparison Between Equatorial Ionospheric and Surface Level Magnetic Fields at Mars

The Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy, and Heat Transport (InSight) mission landed on Elysium Planitia (4.5 N, 135.6 E) in November 2018 carrying the InSight FluxGate magnetometer (IFG), the first magnetometer on the surface of Mars. IFG is sensitive to equatorial* ionospheric currents which change over the course of a day and over the course of weeks (see Johnson et al., Nat. Geosci. [2020] and Mittelholz, this conference).

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Matthew Fillingim, Catherine Johnson, Anna Mittelholz, Benoit Langlais, Steve Joy, Peter Chi, Robert Lillis, Jared Espley, Heidi Haviland, Sue Smrekar, Bruce Banerdt, & Bruce JakoskyUC Berkeley, U British Columbia
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