Magnetic Variations of a Sol Observed over a Year on Mars with InSight

InSight landed on Mars in November 2018 [1]. The InSight FluxGate Magnetometer (IFG) is part of the Auxiliary Payload Sensor System (APSS) that monitors the environmental conditions around the lander [2]. However, the IFG is also the first magnetometer to operate on the martian surface, and it has enabled characterization of crustal and time varying magnetic fields [3,4].Here we focus on variations of the magnetic field within and among sols over one martian year and compare these observations with predictions for magnetic fields due to ionospheric currents.

Presenter’s name
Anna Mittelholz, C. L. Johnson, S. N. Thorne, V. Yau, S. Joy, E. Barrett, M.O. Fillingim, F. Forget, B. Langlais, A. Spiga, S. E. Smrekar, B. Banerdt
Date of the meeting