Prof. Gary Egbert

Oregon State University, USA
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Geophysical Journal International
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Gary Egbert is a professor in the College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University. An organizing focus of his diverse research interests is combination of numerical models and geophysical data, through application of multivariate statistics and stochastic processes, inverse methods, and data assimilation. He has applied these methods to imaging Earth conductivity using electromagnetic data, to geomagnetism, and to physical oceanography. Examples of recent studies include development of 3D inversion methods for magnetotellurics, with applications to regional conductivity of the western US, global induction studies (data analysis, improved source models, 3D inversion), variational data assimilation for the geodynamo, ocean tides (assimilation of altimetry data; mapping dissipation and implications for ocean mixing; long period tides and implications for Earth rotation).