Electronic voting in the election for RAS Council will be opened in April 2016.

All Fellows who are entitled to vote and for whom the RAS has a valid email address will be invited to vote online. An email will be sent to all such Fellows on 15 April 2016. If you do not receive this email, please ensure that the Membership Secretary is aware of your current email address by contacting membership@ras.org.uk?subject=eVoting .

The email contains a link to the RAS Fellows website. Your username on the new site has already been created by the RAS and will typically be your first name, followed by your second name (e.g. stevenpryer). In the rare event that another fellow has the same name as you there is a link on the website labelled 'Forgot your username' that will send you an email with your username. We've put some additional instructions on the website that tell you how to get started.

When a ballot has been received, Fellows will be sent a confirmation email, including the selections they made.

If a Fellow erroneously submits votes both online and by post, the electronic vote will take precedence and the paper ballot will be discarded.

The RAS cannot be held responsible for lost "invitations to vote", acknowledgements, or any other emails. In particular, we cannot control spam filters, personal email settings etc. White-listing emails from *@ras.org.uk may help to avoid problems; please consult your email software. As part of the security measures for the ballot, the IP address used to contact the RAS website for the submission of your vote will be recorded.

Electronic voting will close at 12 noon on 12 May 2016.